ChuChu Events

The ChuChu model train is always on tour and its planning algorithms and its natural dialogue system make trains run. Here comes a list of the latest events:

Users Talk to their Model Trains: Interaction with a Speech-based Multi-Agent System

  The foto below shows how users get excited when they are playing with ChuChu.

On the screenshot here, you can see a window displayed by the Central Control Agent which keeps track of the state of affairs on the model train installation.

In coorporation with Roco Modellspielwaren

Slides giving a brief overview can be downloaded here.

Current work in progress

Informations on robots and digitial train control

The Spirit of the Game ...

Planning and Conflict Resolution

Multi agent systems (MAS) are useful for building up software systems that can controll complex technical systems. When dialogue systems are incorporated, user intentions can be communicated to the system via speech and are processed by hierarchically organized autonomous agents with distributed knowledge and responsibilities in the application domain. Agents on deeper levels in the hierarchy execute, observe, and refine plans constructed by higher level agents. Conflicts between requirements of tasks and the current application state are resolved by local planning and negotiating with the user.  Internal Structure of the CCA

Bernd Ludwig 2002-08-08